Entering Club Competitions

All members are welcome (and encouraged) to participate in the competitions scheduled in the Club Diary of Fixtures and Events. The qualifying competitions do require participants to have a valid Handicap Index. Other Competitions and Events, e.g. The Charity Day and Scramble-type events are open to all, irrespective of Handicap Status.

There are Three Main Types of Competition

1. Monthly Medals and Stablefords
2. Knock-out Competitions
3. Club Matches, Charity Events, Scrambles and Interclub Events.

We also hold Saturday Morning Roll-ups scheduled during the Autumn, Winter & Spring months, and will be hosting Summer Evening Roll-ups during the months of July & August too.

Details of how to enter each format of play are outlined below.

Players get different shot allowances dependent upon the format of play. Please click the link below to download the ECGC Handicap Allowance Table from England Golf.

1. Entering Monthly Competitions.

All members can enter the monthly Medal or Stableford competitions. Without a handicap members can participate in the the event, and get a card marked towards their initial handicap, but cannot win the competition. 5-day members with a handicap are welcome to take part in Stableford Competitions, as these run across Fridays and Saturdays.

If you have a handicap and have already signed up for HowDidiDo then you can enter the monthly competitions by following the links below on the day of play. Please note that you should sign in prior to playing in the competition.

Monthly Competitions https://www.howdidido.com/Directory/SignIns

2. Entering Knock-out Competitions

A player does not need to have a handicap to enter the knock-out competitions, but will need to have attained an official handicap index by the start of their first round match.
Details of the Knock-out Competitions can be found using the following link.


If you do not currently have a valid Handicap Index but would like to enter, please contact:
Martin Tuthill (competitionschair.ecgc@gmail.com) or Katy Downs (secretary.ecgc@gmail.com).

3. Club Matches, Scrambles and Interclub Events

As a club, we encourage members to consider signing-up for the club matches, scrambles and interclub events. These are listed in the Club Diary. These events are a good opportunity to meet other members and play fun and competitive golf.
For these events members should go to Club Teams in HowDidiDo see link below


Members can then select the teams they want to participate in, then, they will need to set their Availability Status for each fixture/event/competition.

Further Information:

Please contact Peter Hill-Cottingham (fixturessecretary.ecgc@gmail.com) or Club Secretary Katy Downs (secretary.ecgc@gmail.com)

Joining Club Teams

Club Teams allows members to register their interest to join various squads.
Some Inter-club matches are Mixed but we do also have separate Ladies-only and Gents-only squads.
The first step is to join the relevant squad, then you will also need to set your availability for specific matches or fixtures. The captain will choose the team (Squad) based on the members who have confirmed their availabilty status.

Club Teams is also where you sign-up to take part in Club Scrambles, the Ladies v Gents event, Champion of Champions and the Captain's Charity events.

To subscribe / join the ClubV1 Club Teams *please click the link below.


Further Information:*

Please contact Peter Hill-Cottingham (fixturessecretary.ecgc@gmail.com) or Club Secretary Katy Downs (secretary.ecgc@gmail.com)