Entering a General Play Round

England Golf suggest that golfers should submit qualifying cards so that their handicap index is an accurate reflection of their current play. 'General Play Rounds' are equivalent to the old 'Supplementary Cards' and they can be entered electronically using the HowDidiDo or MyEG (the England Golf app).

A player submitting a General Play Round Card will need to play alongside their marker who should have a good awareness of the rules of golf, the marker should witness and record the scores for the complete round (they do not need to submit a card themselves). The player will need to sign into HowDidiDo or MyEG prior to play. It is currently not essential that the card marker has their own handicap.

This is the HowDidiDo web link.


To sign in the player clicks - Today's Golf and then clicks - Sign in

The player should choose 'Qualifying' round.
The player can choose to play the yellow, red or white course and whether playing a '9' or '18-holes' .The intention to play has now been set and the round can be played.
The player should play off the appropriate red/white or yellow moveable tees.

NOTE: during the Winter months when Temporary Mats are in use, members can select either Yellow or Red courses. The White course option is not available as it doesn't satisfy the distance rules for Qualifying Card submission.

Once the round has been completed the player and marker verbally agree the gross scores. There is no need to email the card or post it in the box in the clubhouse. Having agreed the scores the player returns to HowDidiDo to submit their score electronically (via the link above or using the App).

Click- Today's Golf
Select- Score Entry

The player will be asked for the surname of their marker, as the player begins to type options of club members will come up. Once the marker has been confirmed the player inputs their gross score hole by hole. Finally there is a box to sign to confirm the score (please scroll down to find step by step instructions on inputting scores).

Please remember that all scores should be entered & submitted on the day of play, otherwise rounds registered without scores being submitted will incur an automatic 0.1 shot penalty as directed by EnglandGolf.

Please also note that both HowDidIDo and MyEG systems require the player to be in close proximity (<2 miles) to the course for the Sign-In and Score Entry processes to work, so location Services will need to be enabled for these Apps on your device whilst using them. Also, a time lag will be in operation from the point where intent to play a round is registered to the stage when a score can be accepted

Using the MyEG App

The My England Golf (MyEG) App can also be used to input scores at ECGC, and can also be used to input scores at away clubs using your mobile phone.

NOTE: For the MyEG scoring process to work both player and marker need to have a registered & functional MyEG App.

Please access the following URL to find out more information on the MyEG app.


1. Download the MyEG App (from Google Play or the App Store) onto your device and activate your account.
2. Register / Login using your membership number (CDH).
3. Sign In and select the Enter Score Section.
4. Firstly, Create the Scorecard by selecting the golf course you are playing.
5. Select how many holes you are playing, then choose the tees you will play from.
6. If you wish you can add the players you are playing and then start your round.
7. Enter your scores as you go, or enter them all at the end of your round.
8. When you've finished inputting the scores, check your scores are correct with your playing group, then sign your card.
9. Once you have submitted your score for verification, your playing partner (scorer) will receive a message to approve.
10. They will then check your score and approve the round.
11. Once approved, your Handicap Index will be updated by midnight that same day.

HowDidiDo App Sign-In & Score Entry

The following screenshots illustrate the Sign-In and Score entry procedure using the HowDidiDo App.

HowDidiDo -- Select Today's Golf

In Today's Golf . . . . Player clicks SIGN IN

- -
HowDidiDo -- Select The Correct Booking

Select the booking which relates to the round you are about to play. You may need to scroll-down as there could be multiple bookings in your list.

- -
HowDidiDo -- Choose Sign-In

Player should select QUALIFYING, then select whether playing 9 or 18 holes and from the Red Yellow or White tees. Player then selects SIGN IN.

- -
HowDidiDo -- Sign-In Confirmation

A confirmation page (similar to this) will indicate you have successfully signed-in and it will show your current Handicap details for the round you are about to play.

- -
HowDidiDo -- Score Entry (1)

Choose Casual Round from Today's Golf, then select the Enter Scores button.

- -
HowDidiDo -- Score Entry (2)

Enter the gross score for every hole. The Stableford points are calculated automatically based on your current handicap. Use the PLUS & MINUS or type in the number in the box, then advance to the next hole.

- -
HowDidiDo -- Score Entry (3)

Once you have entered score for each hole played press the Finish button.

- -
HowDidiDo -- Score Entry (4)

The score Summary table is presented. If all the details are correct, you should sign the box press Confirm. Your signature will also be used to confirm you have verified the score of any player you are responsible for marking.

- -
HowDidiDo -- Score Entry (5)

Once you have submitted your score, a Success notification will appear. Press the Finish button to conclude the score entry process.

- -